A public meeting was held at the Grange Sailing Club in late 2002 to gauge the interest in starting an independent sled dog club that would recognise and award all breeds of working dogs for multiple events. It was at this very meeting that overwhelming support lead to the formation of the South Australian Sled Dog Club. That very evening a committee was elected and they held their first meeting to start planning the club and even took their first memberships to make sure the club was financial from day one.

The club has an inclusive policy for all breeds of working dogs and their owners rather than targeting traditional or specific breeds.

The South Australian Sled Dog Club is the only sled dog club in South Australia to hold multiple racing and weightpull events for all breed working dogs.
Club Focus

The main focuses of the club are racing and weightpull events.  However the club has also been known to hold social walks, backpacks and even obedience training in the early days.
National Recognition

The South Australian Sled Dog Club was a founding member of the National Sled Dog authority the Australian Sled dog Sports Association ( ASSA ) and has been holding ASSA sanctioned events since it’s inception.
Membership is open to anyone interested in helping to promote healthy and active canines in the community.

Our membership has grown over the years to become the largest membership base in South Australia and includes singles, couples and families.  All different types of people from professional to students with a love of dogs and seeing them compete in the events they were originally bred for.
Club Principles

1: To encourage and promote healthy dogs and responsible dog ownership.

2: To hold regular events for all working dog breeds and their owners

3: To promote good sportsmanship at all South Australian Sled Dog Club events.

4: To promote sled dog racing and weightpull throughout the community.

5: To better educate dog owners to help prepare and look after their dogs before, during and after events.

6: To offer training and advice to all dog owners for both racing and weightpull.

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